Ghana’s housing scene keeps on experiencing changes as it seeks to keep up with the times. In the past there were two major types of buildings; the compound houses in which were a lot of single units. These were mostly inhabited by families, usually the extended families. Then there were the nuclear family type of houses; a single or double detached housing unit meant for a young couple with or without children. Now, even though there are a lot of popular types of houses around, we’ll be focusing on these top 7 types of houses in Ghana.

  1. Single Room Housing Units

As the name suggests, this type of unit is meant for one person. It is just one room mainly for sleeping in. The other facilities such as the kitchen, bath and toilet are usually located outside of this room and are a shared facility with others. Most single individuals prefer this type of unit as it is cost effective.

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2. Chamber and Hall

The Chamber and Hall is another popular type of housing in Ghana. It is slightly similar to the Single Room Housing Units. The main difference is that it has another room. What is done is that one room is used as the hall and the other is the sleeping space. There are some chamber and hall units that have shared facilities like the kitchen, toilet, bath and an outer compound. With both the Single Room Housing Units and the Chamber and Hall type of houses, there are units known as “self-contained”. This means that these units come with in-built facilities i.e. the kitchen, bath and toilet.

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3. Detached Housing Units

These are houses that are totally independent. They stand on their own and aren’t attached to any other housing units. They have in-built amenities, their own compound and are usually walled. This unit offers its inhabitants the privacy they would like. It is popular amongst young families in the lush, leafy suburbs in the cities.

4. Semi Detached and Attached Housing Units

Semi Detached and Attached Housing Units fall under the top types of houses in Ghana because a lot of people find it affordable and prefer it too. Semi-detached houses are houses that are partially independent. They may have their own in-built facilities but they still share other features. Sometimes, they may share a wall, a compound or both with other houses.

In areas where the land available is getting scarce, there may be an abundance of attached houses. Here in Accra, there are a lot of properties that feature the attached housing kind of style. This is very economical for developers as they are able to utilize the land given. Attached houses are usually long stretches of houses that are connected by the shared walls.

5. Apartments

Another type of house in Ghana that people prefer are apartments. They are stylish houses with stylish designs that serve a larger population at a go than the other types mentioned already. Apartment houses are developed on several floors rather than everything being on the ground floor. These types of hoses can accommodate different types of family sizes; from small to large depending on the types of rooms made available.

6. Bungalows

Bungalows can be traced back to India, from the Bengal style of housing, along with its architectural designs. The word was derived from the Indian word, “Bungalo” which referred to houses with the Bengal style. This housing unit, unlike apartments, lies horizontally. There is total independence without any shared facilities and amenities.  Also, based on the architectural layout, there can be fewer rooms or a lot of them. Apart from bungalows being residential premises in the urban areas, you can find some too on public school premises (Senior High Schools and Universities, as dwelling places for the teachers)

7. Flats

Last but not least when it comes to the types of houses in Ghana are flats. Flats and apartments have a lot in common. They are both structures that utilize the space above instead of the space on the ground, horizontally. They are units that share a lot of amenities and facilities with other units in the building. But where they differ is in the shared facilities. In flats, each level or floor is structured to be a unique living space for each family and so it limits some of the facilities to be shared.

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Finally, if you are looking to rent or buy property, these are some of the top seven types of houses in Ghana you should look at. Depending on your budget, your tastes and the location of the house, you are assured of landing something that suits you. You can start your search using these types listed here and go on to other types that you would prefer.


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