The trade relations between China and Africa is gaining attention. Chinese construction and financial institutions have been at the forefront of infrastructure modernization and growth of the real estate sector in Africa, an executive has said.

Greg Pearson, CEO of Gateway Real Estate Africa (GREA), had this to say. “The continent has leveraged capital, technology and expertise from Chinese firms to develop new infrastructure projects. Like roads, ports as well as modern housing.”

“Chinese companies rolling out infrastructure projects in Africa have placed emphasis on partnership with their local counterparts to maximize benefits through technology and skills transfer.”

Mr Pearson went on to say. According to Pearson, strategic partnership between Chinese construction firms and local contractors has stimulated mutual learning and speedy implementation of infrastructure projects.

Furthermore, the trade relations between China and Africa has also necessitated infrastructure modernization in the continent. This infrastructure modernization will facilitate seamless movement of cargo and manpower.

Infrastructure projects implemented by Chinese construction firms in Africa have met the quality threshold. The continent has become a transport and logistics hub as these Chinese construction firms have met the quality threshold.

The robust China-Africa economic and trade ties have improved the perception that international investors hold on the continent. More foreign-direct investments in the future are slated for the African continent. These investments comes amid an optimistic outlook strengthened by China-funded transport and logistics hubs.

The pandemic shocks have not dampened the optimism among international investors. These are investors who are keen to inject capital into Africa’s infrastructure and real estate sectors.


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