Algeria is a North African country with 4/5ths of its land covered in the desert sands of the Sahara. According to the Global Connectivity Index (GCI), Algeria’s country rank is 69th, out of 79. Their scores, using a set of parameters such as the four technology enablers, the four pillars, the forty indicators etc. was 32 out of 120. The state of Algeria’s technology sector can be described as low and lagging behind.

The past decade has seen an increase in the number of internet users in Algeria. Moreover, the country has been modernizing its internet network by installing optical fibre cables and multi-service access nodes. Algerians are seeing the need and benefits of becoming tech-savvy.  Now, the country has a developing mobile segment with a penetration rate estimated at 47.04% in 2016. In 2018, the penetration rate went up to 49.2%. 

Apart from Algerians becoming more technology aware, the government is also implementing measures to ensure the creation of cities and areas that would be befitting for the upcoming technology markets. The state of Algeria’s technology sector is growing into a working and improving ecosystem. The government has initiated a team; The Algiers Smart City Team, to this effect. The team has long-term goals of transforming the country through advancing different parts of the technology sector such as technology transfer, talent mobilization, cross-sector synergies etc.

The state of technology and its related sectors in Algeria present opportunities for investment and growth. Some presenting opportunities can be found in the government agencies, as they modernize and digitize their systems and records. Also in emerging businesses in need of ICT strategies and solutions, investments can be made. With the aid of foreign and local investors, the right choice and usage of technologies can push the country forward. This would in turn benefit their economy which is boosted by their oil production.


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