The infrastructural growth in Tanzania was one of the top priorities of past President John Magufuli, since the beginning of his presidency. President John Magufuli’s tenure in office was marked by a change in the infrastructure scene of Tanzania. Despite the challenges with the road network, he stated at the dissolution of the 11th Parliament that his administration had managed to construct 3,500 kilometres of roads to the tarmac level, bringing the country’s total length of tarmac roads to 12,964 kilometres.

Other notable projects he undertook include: the construction of the state-of-the-art Ubungo Interchange, the Tazara Flyover and the construction of 13 new bridges some of them being the Nyerere Bridge in Kigamboni and the Magufuli Bridge at Sibiti River.

The infrastructural growth in Tanzania is benefiting the people immensely. Especially those situated in the capital city, with the newly constructed road networks assisting to ease the traffic. Under new president, Samia Suhulu Hassan, there is a continuance of infrastructural growth in Tanzania. Some upcoming infrastructural projects worthy of mentioning are described in the following lines beneath.

  • THE TAZAMA OIL DEAL: During the past weekend, Tazama Pipelines Limited, signed a deal with two firms to build a fuel depot that has a storage capacity of 120,000m3 of fuel. The consortium is made up of Dalbit International and BSL Infrastructure. Despite the deal being made in Tanzania, it will go further to help Zambia’s fuel supply.

Oil marketers in Zambia as well as Tanzania will no longer have challenges with fuel storage and the additional charges it came along with. This was due to the lack of one central functioning storage unit. The construction is reported to commence in August, over a two year period. Over 250 Tanzanians are set to employ.

  • PRIORITIZATION OF PORT DEVELOPMENT: The Tanzanian government has allocated some of its funds for projects to the improvement of its Dar Es Salaam port. There is to be improvements also at the Mtwara port and the Tanga ports.

From the construction of more berths to the installation of navigation equipment, the government wants to prioritize its current ports before moving ahead to commencement of new ones or other projects.

  • APPROVED FUNDING FOR ZANZIBAR INFRUSTRUCTURE PROJECTS: Zanzibar, otherwise known as the Stone Town is one frequented town in Tanzania. The Stone Town of Zanzibar, has been made a UNESCO World Heritage Center. The World Bank has approved a $292million fund for infrastructure projects in Zanzibar.

These projects will ensure that the inhabitants of the town will benefit and have access to a modern transport system, electricity and potable water.

  • ELECTRICITY FOR RURAL AREAS BY 2022: The infrastructural growth in Tanzania is ensuring not to leave anyone behind. The Minister for Energy; Dr.Medard Kalenani has stated about the project that by the end of December 2022, all villages in mainland Tanzania would be enjoying electricity.
  • TANZANIA’S 341KM RAILWAY: The country is set to enjoy a railway that would link the port city of Mwanza with the town of Isaka. This covers a distance of 341 km. This project constitutes a part of the vision of Tanzania’s ex-president John, Magufuli concerning rail lines. Two of China’s largest infrastructural companies have won the contract to build the railway which would cost about $1.3 b


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