One of the major sectors that brings in revenue for Nigeria is the real estate sector in Nigeria. Investment into real estate in the country keeps growing as business owners see it to be a viable and promising avenue. There is an abundance of real estate agencies but these are some of the popular real estate agencies in Nigeria.

  1. Primrose Development Company: One of the main focus areas of this real estate agency is identifying and targeting real estate opportunities in Nigeria. As a result of being in the real estate space for a while, they have developed key contacts within the sector as well as governmental agencies. They have a broad property portfolio in the excess of 150 million and work hand in hand with Alpha Meads Facilities and Management Services Limited.
  • Adron Homes and Property: This agency seeks to secure homes for all its clients irrespective of their social class and income level. At Adron Homes and Property, they work with the long-term goal of becoming the leading Pan-African real estate development company while achieving global housing standard.
  • Dupine Properties (Ibadan): Dupine Properties serves commercial and residential real estate properties to their clients. The company has real estate surveyors, professional estate valuers who seek to comply with international practices. They are customer- centric and are always available to see to the needs of their clients.
  • One of the popular real estate agencies in Nigeria is Cadwell Limited. They are located in Lagos and have been in business for almost twenty years. Caldwell Limited has an impressive portfolio with properties in Ikoyi and Victoria Island.
  • PrimeWaterView Limited: When it comes to the key players in luxury property and development sector, this agency is considered to be one of them. PrimeWaterView was incorporated in 2005 and now, is ranked among the first five initial property companies in Nigeria.
  • Chaman Properites: This is another popular real estate agency in Nigeria striving to meet the needs and specifications of their clients. Chaman properties was established in and is now doing well. They are reported to have a team that have an extensive knowledge of the country‚Äôs real estate market so you can rest assured you are in good hands.
  • Okolex Nigeria Limited (Abuja, Nigeria): Okolex Nigeria Limited was incorporated in 1990. That means they have been in the industry for long time and have grown to be one of the best in the field. Their head office is located in Port Harcourt but they have branches in Lagos and Owerri. This agency has a lot of staff who are well experienced and can get you the exact property you are looking for.  
  • Eagles Post Properties: Located in Osun State, this agency is an upcoming company that serves clients and prospective customers in the area. Eagles Post Properties is a subsidiary company of Eagles Post, assisting clients to find apartments in Osun state.
  • Enugu Lifestyle and Golf City (Enugu): This is a public-private partnership between Private Estates International and the government of the state of Enugu.  This establishment was set up to aid clients find apartments in the Enugu state. Enugu Lifestyle and Golf City has commercial, industrial and residential areas to provide housing solutions for all.
  1. Property Link Real Estate: Property Link Real Estate is an international real estate agency. They have established their presence in the USA, Dubai the UK and other countries including Nigeria.  Some of their services include property sales, rental and development, property management and registration among others.

So there, you have it, some of the popular real estate agencies in Nigeria, serving people with their tastes and playing major roles in changing the real estate sphere in Nigeria.


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