The African style is enriched with the original tribe art of this mysterious continent. The gamma is consist of deep colors which is saturated with the hot African sun. Usually, it is terracotta, brick, sand, and other warm colors. The color combination are based on the dark and light contrast. Black color often act the role of such contrast, which is used for painting the curbs and other furniture elements. The furniture should look simply. In addition, it can be not only wooden but also forged and braided. The interior design is adorned with the wooden dish plates for fruits, exotic sculptures, ritual masks, stylized lanterns, and paintings in true African art. You will transform your home into paradise, if decorate it with the linen napkins, souvenirs made of African stone, and curtains with embroidery giraffe or tiger figures.

Expensive materials are often used in the African style: python, crocodile, lizard leather; zebra, giraffe skin; rosewood, palm, and wenge wood.

African Style Contemporary Living Room Interior

African Style Interior design - Living room
African Style safari-decor
Unique African drum style Coffee table
African Style Contemporary Bedroom Interior


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