On the 24th of June, 2021, there was a maiden edition of the Ghana Real Estate Meet Up. The event sought to bring together people who are in the real estate sector. With over a hundred people attending this first edition, it signifies a great interest in the world of Ghana real estate. The program was organized by Cameo1 Homes, one of the leading luxury real estate consultants in Ghana.

The premises of Cameo 1 Homes was packed with real estate pros who came to listen to American real estate gurus and entrepreneurs Max Maxwell and Nasar El-Arabi speak on their success in real estate.

Some topics discussed at the event were: real estate trends, investment opportunities and challenges in the real estate sector. The speakers, who have been in the real estate business for years, shared a lot of their experiences. Also, they touched on the opportunities they have seen in Ghana as well.

Getting to the end of the event, there was a Question and Answer session. It threw more light on other topics as well. Amongst them were how to network, agriculture real estate, training sessions for luxury real estate and techniques to be used in real estate marketing. In all, one can say that the maiden edition of the Ghana Real Estate Meet Up went well and all and sundry benefited from the experiences and knowledge shared.

Additionally, the maiden edition of the Ghana Real Estate Meet Up event isn’t a one-off. It is an initiative that is here to stay. The CEO of Cameo1 Homes, Mr. Augustine Ewiah has stated that it is going to be a monthly program. It would have speakers from around the world in the real estate industry; including Government agencies also. They would be discussing and sharing ideas concerning the real estate market, the opportunities involved, bringing in investors and how to navigate the challenges it comes along with.


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