Place to Meet
the first floor retail terrace a distinctive space designed with people in mind using quality materials and maximising external landscaped space.

Access and City Integration
Designed to integrate with future plan of KCC (Kigali City Council). Populating all frontages opening the building up to the public and enforcing a natural surveillance and sense of safety. 

A Welcoming Place
The ground floor retail colonnade elegantly designed retail environment with a focus on the pedestrian and an active public realm.

A Dynamic And Distinctive Design
the development entrance designed to give prominence to both office and retail uses.

BrandingDesign by architects.The Kigali Heights building project seeks to deliver a world class office block in the heart of Kimihurura, Rwanda. With 12,750sqm of class A office space, 5,250 sqm of prime retail space, and 300 car parking spaces. 
Sited on a prime plot on former post office site, the building will rise to a maximum 9 floors. The design incorporates two distinct connected ‘blocks’. The building is designed to be highly energy efficient and sustainable utilising the abundance of Rwanda’s sunshine in its design and the energy technologies it incorporates. The Kigali Heights development’s ambition is to introduce to Kigali a new paradigm in high quality modern architecture complimentary to the city’s ambition to be a global metropolis. The vision of the Building echo the vision of the city and are embodied in the underlying concept of the development of “the budding flower”. The concept of the budding flower tell the story of a new beginning where from within the bowels of a solid bud emerges a delicate and beautiful flower, something new and delightful signifying a brighter tomorrow. On site. Estimated Completion 12.2015. Vavaki Architects ltd. Fusiongroup. 

Kigali Heights. Kimihurura, Rwanda.


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