The Eritrean government has over the past thirty years worked to ease the challenges in the transportation sector. Due to prolonged war in the country, most of the road networks were in poor condition. Improving land transport network in Eritrea therefore was one major goal of the government.

As such, the Government imported over 700 buses to help alleviate the problems of transporting people and goods. On the other hand, the private sector also imported around 1400 buses. The Central region received around 900 taxis to provide efficient transportation. Similarly, in the other regions of the country, more than 600 twelve-seater taxis were introduced.

Mr. Tesfaslasie Berhane, Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, said that Harat Transportation Company has been giving efficient service in all parts of the country, including remote areas, at a very fair price. Over 85% of Eritrea’s population has easy access to public transport across the nation. The Government has invested around 970 million Nakfa for the importation of buses. New buses imported in the last six months have started to give service following the relaxation of COVID-19 lockdown.

Apparently, the governments goal of improving the land transport network in Eritrea is making some headway. Some remote areas that had no access to transportation facilities now do. The construction of dirt roads has been instrumental in connecting various regions of the country. According to Mr. Tesfaslase, Asmara, Massawa, Barentu, Tesenai, Dekemhare, Adi-Keyih, Keren and Aqordat now have easy access to public transportation. Around 85% of the villages in the remote parts of the country have been linked with a network of roads. This has made public transport available at a very fair price.

As regards the ongoing efforts to renovate roads, Mr. Tesfaslase said that priorities have been given to the strategically important routes. All roads built in the post-independence period are the foundation for the aspired transformation in every sector.


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