The hospitality sector is seeing some beautiful structures being put up or revamped in recent times. One good thing about them is that they aren’t concentrated in Accra or Kumasi. Hospitality in Western and Volta region is enjoying some attention because of the new buildings springing up. Here are some of them:

Western Region:

  1. Hotel Takoradi Select: Situated in the Takoradi area, this hotel is 5km from the Takoradi harbour and affords you the beautiful scenery of the Gulf of Guinea. It is a great place to stay, coupled with excellent services.

2. Maaha Beach Resort: Maaha Beach Resort, in Atuabo is another place to look out for. Their wooden architecture adds to the beauty of the whole space. It is a refreshing place to visit and gives you the “home away from home” experience and feel.

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3. Lou Moon Resort: From the well planned out setting to the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks, this place is amazing and calm. The staff and the services provided are great too.

4. Axim Beach Hotel: One word for this place is breath taking. The view from this place is beautiful and the entire environment is pleasant.

5. The Hideout at Butre Beach: if you love on the road adventure then visiting The Hideout at Butre Beach would be great for you. The canoe rides are enjoyable. The area is calm and lovely and the services offered are worth it.

Volta Region:

  1. Volta Serene Hotel: This place is in Ho, Kabakaba Hills. It is a luxurious hotel with very modern facilities. It gives you the best of everything, from the staff to their services, it is worth your money.

2. Sogakope Beach Resort: Sogakope Beach Resort is situated in Sogakope. It is a beautiful location for a getaway by yourself or as in a group. The view from the river is also very serene and calming.

Ada Safari Resort Limited: If looking for a calming place to relax and de-stress then you should go there. It has a quiet environment, good food and boarding facilities. This place is in the Ada area.

Tagbo Falls Lodge: Tagbo Falls Lodge is in the Tagbo community, a few hour’s drive from Accra. They have great staff, there are hikes to the Tagbo Falls and the experience from the stay is always a pleasant one.

Sea Side Hotel: Located close to Lome, this place is a good location for sightseeing, recreation, dining and getting around. Rooms for boarding are also neat at all times.

One thing all these places have in common is the serenity found there. The atmosphere is calm and enjoyable. Next when you are thinking of looking to travel around, pass through one of these places and have a good time.


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