The aftermath of The Year of Return has seen many Black Americans and Africans in the diaspora looking to settle back in Africa.

One of such persons is Ghanaian born Hollywood sensation, Michael Blankson. Through Ghana’s celebrity and luxury homes broker, CAMEO 1 HOMES, Michael Blankson recently purchased his second home in Ghana.

Cameo1 Homes is a leading international Luxury real estate agency based in Ghana. They offer prime investment properties for sale in Accra as well as appartments and houses for sale and rent in Accra.

In an (exclusive) interview with the CEO, Mr. Augustine Ewiah, he recounted how he was able to make a dashing sale of one of his luxury homes to Hollywood celebrity, Michael Blankson.

The sale of the house was initiated a couple of years ago when Michael Blankson was introduced to Cameo1 Homes through a friend. Michael Blankson initially wanted a townhouse around Airport residential in Accra. But after viewing a couple of homes on sale by CAMEO 1 HOMES, he finally settled for the property in Accra’s East Legon.

The house is partly made of glass and is a four bedroom unit. It is also fitted with a boys quarters, a swimming pool, a bar area and a security room as well as other sought after amenities.

The house offers the luxury and privacy that fits the lifestyle of Michael Blankson. Michael is much taken with it and finally happy he has a home here in Ghana. To top it up, Michael Blankson had the street named after him making the purchase a unique one for the movie star.

ABOUT CAMEO 1 HOMES: Cameo1 Homes is a leading international Luxury real estate agency based in Ghana, with offices in East Legon and Airport. They offer affordable appartments and homes for sale. Apart from being in the news for Michael Blankson’s house sale, they have also being in the news for whopping sales, with a recent record breaking sale of USD 3.5 million on a 57acre stretch of land and an entrepreneural award.


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