Seven of The Most Interesting and Memorable Tourist Sites In Benin.

The Dahomey kingdom, now called the Republic of Benin, is recognised as the birthplace of voodoo. Despite commencing the voodoo religion, few are still into it today. Throughout the political upheavals in the nation, the people have held on to most of its culture and way of life. There are in existence up till today, fascinating tourist sites in Benin.

Tourists make remarks about the whole experience and conclude that these tourist sites should be well preserved. Most people vouch to come back again to visit; that is how impactful those places were. Here are some of the fascinating tourist sites in Benin.

Pendjari National Park: the Pendjari National Park is situated in the North-West corner of Benin. It supports a vast array of plants and animals. The National Park was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2017. Pendjari is home to the region’s largest population of elephants and over 100 West African lions representing a 1/4 of all remaining members of this critically endangered subspecies. Pendjari also supports a wide range of other flora and fauna with more than 60 mamal, 360 birds, 50 reptile and 800 plant species.

Ouidah’s Port of No Return: Ouidah is a city in the Southern part of Benin. People remember this city as playing a major role during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. The Port of No Return is a memorial arch that is dedicated to all the victims of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Most of the visitors come around during the PANAFEST celebrations.

Artisanal Centre: This is a craft centre that sells a lot of old and modern style artefacts. When people finish their tour of Benin, they love to come here and shop for souvenirs to send back home. The sellers offer a wide variety of souvenirs and artefacts at moderate prices.

Dantokpa market: One fascinating tourist site, which isn’t really a tourist site in Benin is Dantokpamarket. A lot of people are of the view that the Kumasi Central Market is the largest open-air market in West Africa but this market is the largest instead. Dantokpa market has wares of almost every kind; foodstuff, cleaning detergents, clothes, shoes, bags etc.

Palais Des Rois D’Abomey (Royal Palaces of Abomey): Another World Site Heritage and a fascinating tourist site in Benin is Palais Des Rois D’Abomey. Currently, these structues arenot nhabited but they were erected for about 12 kings of the Abomey kingdom. This kingdom was very powerful durin the existence of the Dahomey kingdom era. Palais Des Rois D’Abomey  was a complex fortified structure in the olden days.

Fidjrosse Beach: Driving along the beach stretch of Benin, you’ll realise that they have a very clear waters and the beaches are neat. Fidjrosse beach is one of those. It is a great place to de-stress and relax. The beach has restaurants around which serves the customers from the beach.

Lac Nokoue (Lake Nokoue): This Lake and its township is similar to that of Nzulezu in the Western Region. It takes about an hour and a half to get there from Cotonou. There is a lot of buying and selling on the lake by the villagers. The women are seen in canoes selling household items while the men are also seen in canoes selling fish. Lac Nokoue can be found in the Ganvie township.


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