The CEO of Ginkon Foundation, Kebba Madi Bojang has invested at least D2 million for the construction of a crucial six-kilometre access road in Berending, Kombo South. Mr Bojang also owns Real Housing Estate and Sand Mining. The access road to be constructed links the village to Gunjur.

In an interview at the launch of the construction works over the weekend, CEO of Ginkon Foundation, Kebba Madi Bojang, said this forms part of his efforts to contribute his quota to national development as a patriotic citizen of this country. He further revealed that the community of Berending wrote to him for assistance for the construction of the road. Unfortunately, at that moment, his office had been supporting other sectors.

According to him, he felt sorry for them when they told him their challenges. The residents of the community said that, during the rainy season, they had to walk from their community to the highway due to the poor nature of the route.

He pointed out that it was necessary to assist them knowing that there were pregnant women and sick people in the village. These people may not have a vehicle to be transported in due to the bad condition of the route. “Our aim is to complete the highway before the commencement of the rainy season,” he declared. MrBojang added that the highway “will cost about two million dalasis.”

In addition, Mr Bojang, went ahead to urge Gambians to complement the government’s efforts for the development of the country. Furthermore, he stated that whatever one does for the development of his/her nation, they are doing it for themselves.

The CEO of Ginkon Foundation also appealed to the government and councils to closely work with citizens who are trying to contribute to the nation’s development.

About Ginkon Foundation:

Ginkon Foundation derives its name from “Ginkon” This name is extracted from a traditional Name “Ginkoneh” meaning the first son of the King. The Bojang family owns the foundation, with its head being Kebba Madi Bojang. It was started with wealth left behind by the grandfather.

Ginkon Foundation came about after Ginkon Real Estate had commenced and was successful. The foundation seeks to help people who are in need in different sectors such as sponsoring students in need, distribution of foodstuff, market construction etc.


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