Popular and affordable hotels throughout Ghana.

Popular But Affordable Hotels For You In All The Regions In Ghana.

So, we all know of Kempinski, Labadi Beach Hotel, Tang Palace, The Royal Senchi, Georgia Hotel and all the other popular hotels in Ghana. We recognize how they aren’t just popular but how they are worth every pesewa and cedi spent. But what about affordability?  Is it everyone who can honestly afford it? Do you have any knowledge of affordable hotels throughout Ghana?

What about if you find yourself in a region or a location without these popular hotels? Surely you need a good night’s rest and a place you can call “home away from home”. That definitely can’t be in your car. In this article, we are bringing you a list of hotels spread throughout the length and breadth of the country that can serve you to your tastes and expectations without you breaking the bank.

Let’s start with Accra: Accra has gained the title of being the most expensive city to live in. So it cuts across all sectors of life: from food to transport to leisure to accommodation. Although that is true, you can still find affordable hotels that meet your budgets and your tastes. Check these out:

  1. Cascade Hotel Ghana
  2. Urbano Hotel
  3. Maple Leaf Hotel
  4. Grande Star Hotel
  5. Sheridan Hotel
  6. Tropical Nectar Hotel
  7. Eden Vale Hotel
  8. Coconut Groove Sakumono Hotel
  9. Lavender Lodge Hotel
  10. Hill ViewHotel.

Kumasi, the pride of the Ashanti Kingdom: Kumasi is a sharp contrast with Accra. Several people who have lived there over the years and new settlers attest to the fact that things are affordable in this city. In addition, the pricing of goods and services doesn’t break the bank. Here are some affordable hotels in Kumasi:

  1. Noda Hotel
  2. Buadi Lodge
  3. Great Land Hotel
  4. Sunset Hotel
  5. Hotel De-Semanhyia
  6. Wadoma Royale Hotel
  7. Camp Martin Hotel
  8. Sweet Garden Hotel and Restaurant
  9. Silicon Hotel and Conference Centre.
  10. Crystal Rose Ambassador Hotel.

Eastern Region, Koforidua: Eastern region is home to some of the most beautiful sceneries. They also have hotels that can be afforded by all. Even though the term “affordable” is relative, these hotels are cost-friendly.

  1. Cactus Creek Hotel Ghana
  2. Afrikiko River Front Resort
  3. Riverside Hotel
  4. Rock City Hotel
  5. Blue Royal Hotel, Larteh
  6. Guest Farm Resort
  7. The Lansdown Resort
  8. Eastern Premier Hotel
  9. Akosombo Continental Hotel

Central and Western Regions: As Central Region makes effort to utilize the little space available, the Western Regions are opening up due to the job opportunities springing up here. These regions boast of some of the most serene environments and spaces. Have a look at some of the hotels:

  1. Oasis Beach Resort
  2. Lemon Beach Resort
  3. Anomabo Beach Resort
  4. Sikaso Beach Hotel
  5. Biriwa Beach Resort
  6. Blue Diamond Beach and Spa Resort
  7. Sankofa Beach House
  8. The Palms By Eagles, Takoradi
  9. Tenack Hotel and Resort, Nzulezu
  10. Planters Lodge and Spa
  11. Casablanca Guest Inn
  12. Afro Beach Butre
  13. Stellar Lodge
  14. Petit Palais

Volta and Northern Regions: Due to the tourist attraction sites these regions boast of, there has been an increase in tourist visits. This increase has also brought the need for increased dwellings. Below are some of the affordable hotels throughout Ghana, specifically the Volta and Northern regions:

  1. Seaside Hotel
  2. Villa Awoyo Resort
  3. Sogakope Beach Resort
  4. Mountain Paradise Lodge
  5. Volta Escape Resort
  6. Hotel Stevens
  7. Villa Cisneros Resort and Spa
  8. Mole Motel
  9. Radach Lodge and Conference Centre
  10. Modern City Hotel
  11. Nim Avenue Hotel
  12. Catholic Archdiocesan Guest House
  13. Black Star Hotel
  14. Zaina Lodge

Now that you have read about all these hotels throughout Ghana, be sure to check them out whenever you are away from home. Also, whenever you plan on lodging at a hotel or resort, do a thorough and comprehensive research of where you are going so you aren’t found wanting in any way.


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