As the world evolves, humans are always looking for better and innovative ways to go about their activities. All this is done in a bid to avoid the depletion of natural resources to keep an ecological balance so that society’s quality of life doesn’t decrease.

In construction, a new way of going about buildings and the use of building materials is on the rise. Most people refer to it as green building or construction. It is because, most, if not all of the materials are safer, last longer and do not have any harmful effects on the environment. On the other hand, people refer to these building materials as sustainable building materials.

Examples of sustainable building matetials are: recycled metal, bamboo, cement made out of recycled plastic, cork, reclaimed wood, pre-cast conxrete slabs amongst others. Using these building materials have a lot of benefits such as protection of the environment, reduced cost of building, improved health due to the use of non-harmful materials and also an increase in productivity.

In addition, sustainable building mterials and way of building comes with its own trends. Modular Construction Techniques to Eliminate Waste and Flexible Space Design to Improve Functionality are two known trends. The former seeks to minimise waste and pollution while the latter looks at making a space functional for more than one purpose.

Sustainable building isnt only about creating buildings with a reduced impact on the environment. It also helps to improve the overall way and quality of life of a people.


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