Have you heard of the village in Africa that is creating quite a storm on the internet? If not then you must pore over the stunning photos of Tiebele village, for this place looks nothing less than an art museum. This remote village near the Ghana border in Africa’s Burkina Faso has most of its houses painted in beautiful artwork, and has thus become quite a sensation in the travel and photography community. 

Tiebele is home to Kassena people, an ethnic group that inhabits the region. The paintings on the houses here are one of the many traditional practices for the group, which is albeit on its way to extinction.

Like most of the traditional practices, the region is seeing rapid commercialisation and the wall paintings might soon be a thing of yore. Thankfully, the newfound interest in the same by the travel community has led to an increase in the number of tourists coming to Tiebele, and might just be the silver lining for the dying practice.

The World Monument Fund has also recognised Tiebele, and funds have been raised to promote and conserve the culture here. 

This African village is so pretty that it looks like an art museum

Photo by:  GuideStephane, Creative Commons Attribution LicenceThe wall paintings in Tiebele owe their existence to Kassena women, who have been practising the tradition as a community project for centuries now. Each painted house in the village owes it to the women folk around. A closer look reveals a lot of interesting symbolism at work in the paintings here. 

This African village is so pretty that it looks like an art museum
Photo by:  Alexander Leisser, Creative Commons Attribution LicenceY

You will find a number of symbols at work here, often emphasising on wisdom, fertility, friendship, leadership, afterlife and more. Some of the major symbols that you can easily identify in the paintings here are stars, Moon, arrows, and animals. It is worth noting that some people here are also followers of animism, and you can easily spot the connection in the wall paintings here. 

Apart from the paintings, Tiebele will take you closer to a very different way of life, and would make up for all your efforts for planning this trip. 


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