The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for Mitsughana, Sammy Adjei, has underscored the need for business owners in the building industry to provide quality service for clients.

In an interview with, the CEO said, the building must endeavour to provide great customer service because it is mandatory in the industry.

He said great customer service is exceeding the client’s expectations in all areas of contact between them and the service provider.

He said, as a company, their core value is to serve as a platform for both buyers and sellers with a common interest in the construction and building industry.

Mitsughana is an online marketing service provider that is solely dedicated to the construction industry and its related activities from the commencement to completion; which includes real estate, plants and equipment, materials, financial dependencies, construction professionals, and construction handy-men.

The sole aim of the company is to provide a platform where buyers and sellers can easily and effectively relate, thereby building a community of first hand and class support in which both can conduct quality business.

The company according to him is governed and managed by a team of trained professionals and dedicated group from specialized backgrounds, whose objective is to ensure absolute satisfaction in the usage of the site.


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